Charles K. Cowdery
"He said, yes, I think it can be very easily done. We'll just put some bleachers out in the sun and have it on Highway 61."
- Bob Dylan

This site is both personal and professional.

I drink American whiskey, but I also write about it.

I am a freelance writer and an attorney.

I'm a blues fan and I like to travel.

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Some miscellaneous essays (the blog before the blog) are below.

We Can't Avoid the 'Roids. (2/16/05)

Who To Blame? (11/5/04)

Small Comfort. November 3, 2004.

Some Thoughts (Possibly Final) About Maxwell Street. (10/11/04)

The Illusion That Is International Law. (10/1/04)

Is "Selfish Hedonism" Really Such a Bad Thing? (9/6/04)

Some Advice, Humorous or Otherwise, on Conflict Resolution and the Making of a Successful Partnership. (8/20/04)

Who Is the Irrelevant One Here? (7/30/04)

Let's Put Away the 'Nature Card.' (12/2/03)

We Can Do Better Than 60 Percent. (9/3/03)

Roy Moore Has a Point. (8/22/03)

A Ten Commandments for Everyone. (6/9/03)

The Other Reason Rick Santorum Is Wrong. (5/2/03)

Frank Goldsmith, Professional Survivor (3/29/03)

Another Reason to Dislike the French...and Hollywood. (3/24/03)

Thoughts on the Eve of War. (3/19/03)

Other Stuff:

Disappointed Chicago Bears Fans Destroy Stadium.

The "Maxwell Street Sound"

The Save Maxwell Street Page.

Chicago Blues, As Seen from the Inside: The Photographs of Raeburn Flerlage.


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